Raute as an investment

Raute is a financially sound small-cap company with a background of family ownership. Its series A shares have been quoted on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd since 1994. The company operates globally and is among the leaders in its field.

Raute is a technology and service company that operates worldwide and a part of the wood-processing value chain. Raute generates added value for its customers' businesses by supplying solutions to facilitate profitable and environmentally sustainable production of wood products.

Raute offers customers solutions for the productions of veneer, plywood, LVL  (Laminated Veneer Lumber) and sawn timber. Solutions consist of machinery and equipment and services supporting their efficient use. Veneer, plywood and LVL are used mainly in construction and furtniture as well as in the transport vehicle and packaging industries.

Raute' solutions consts of:

  • Project deliveries
    • Complete production plants, production lines and individual machines and equipment
    • Automation, machine vision applications and measuring technology
  • Technology services
    • Maintenance and spare parts services
    • Modernizations
    • Consulting and business development.

Raute's markets

Raute operates in the growing global market.The use of wood as raw material is on the rise which contributes to a high demand for wood products technology products and services. The increasing use of renewable wood, higher environmental awareness and greater role of the emerging markets combined with rising energy prices will boost demand for and competitiveness of Raute's solutions.

Raute is a global market leader

Raute is a global market leader as a machinery supplier for new capacity in the plywood and LVL industry. Our market share of all machine investments in the plywood industry is estimated at 15–20 percent. Raute has a particularly strong market position in the LVL industry, as more than half of the LVL manufactured in the world is produced with machines supplied by Raute.

Raute has a clear strategy

Focus of the entire market continues to shift towards emerging markets:

  • China and the rest of Asia
  • Russia
  • South America.

The share of veneer based products originating from these areas in relation to global production will increase.

The plywood and LVL industries' investments in the traditional western markets, with their high cost and price levels, will increasingly focus on projects to raise the efficiency of existing production capacity and improve competitiveness, while little new capacity is being constructed.

Demand for veneer-based wood products is stable and growing globally.

Raute's goal is to maintain its global market situation and be the first technology partner and service provider to its customer industries.

Investor communications

In all of its communication, Raute complies with the requirements for listed companies as defined by the Securities Markets Act and the rules of the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd regarding prompt and simultaneous disclosure of information.

Raute's Investor relations policy

Dividend policy

Raute exercises an active dividend policy. Its aim is to ensure competitive returns for its investors. Dividend payment takes into account future investment needs and the goal of maintaining a solid equity ratio. Due to the nature of the project business, the dividend is not directly tied to the annual result.