Laminated veneer lumber has been available commercially for over 30 years. During this period its popularity has grown and the manufacturing process developed by Raute has proven to be the most reliable and most adaptable for a wide range of different production situations.

LVL is made from sheets of veneer. When these sheets are combined into a continuous billet of LVL, the effects of flaws in individual sheets are negated because they are spread throughout the cross-section of the billet, rather than being concentrated in specific locations, such as is the case with sawn lumber. For example, a flaw in a single sheet of veneer laid up into a 15-ply billet of LVL will effectively be 1/15.

These days, the challenge facing LVL producers is how to make the strongest possible LVL from their available raw material using smart grading techniques to sort their veneers.

LVL is produced and used in a variety of different lengths, thicknesses and widths. Raute’s LVL process is based on a combination of continuous lay-up and cycle-type hot pressing that is suitable for the production of LVL in all lengths.