Raute solutions are now available in three product families. Each product family offers unique benefits depending on the customer's production. The above symbols appear on the product pages, click them to to see 3D illustrations about different solutions.

RautePro is a professional, industrial production process with reliable and proven technology. A typical RautePro product is a basic machine or line with separate automated functions. Investments as well as maintenance costs are relatively low making the pay-back time short. RautePro is a perfect solution for customers who produce high-quality products without  a large product variety.

RauteSelect solutions are especially valued by customers who manufacture high-quality products with flexibility in production and efficient use of raw materials. RauteSelect is the answer to customers who process several wood species and produce several panel sizes on the same production line. Existing lines can be retrofitted with RauteSelect solutions and upgraded to the RauteSmart family through modernizations.

RauteSmart represents the industry's latest and most efficient state-of-the-art technology. The RauteSmart customers focus on producing large volumes and make efficient use of the latest automation and measuring technologies. The investments can be kept up-to-date through modernizations and upgrades with the latest features of Raute's R&D innovations. Raute's flagship product is the RauteSmart lathe, with a peeling speed of up to 400 meters of veneer per minute.

In developing these product families, Raute's main philosophy has been to find the most valuable features for different types of producers and to combine them into solutions which can be easily adapted for all customers around the world. Together with Raute's sophisticated service offering, new and existing production lines can provide the best possible profitability by keeping them always running at an optimal performance.