Knife management

 Raute's veneer manufacturing processes are designed to produce high-quality products with high recovery and productivity. Knives are an essential component of the machines used in these processes.

To raise the level of our customer service, Raute has entered into close cooperation with Ravne Knives, one of the most highly regarded industrial knife manufactures in the world. Raute's customers can now purchase high-quality knives for their Raute machines directly through our worldwide sales and service network. All knives offered are sold and guaranteed under Raute's brand name.

Raute's knife management programs are designed to save our customers money and valuable time, allowing them to focus on their core businesses:

  • No compromises with regard to veneer quality due to high-precision Raute knives
  • Correct knife handling procedures supported by comprehensive training courses for knife grinders and operators
  • Short delivery times for Raute service contract customers
  • Assets can be released for other day-to-day operations through knife consignment stock contracts

Raute grinding machines

Raute´s veneer manufacturing process are designed for high product quality, high recovery and high productivity. Grinding machines are part of Raute´s Knife Management Program.

Every veneer and plywood mill has its individual needs for knife grinding. In order to improve its knife management program, Raute has started a co-operation with the German grinding machine manufacturer Göckel Maschinenfabrik GmbH. Raute is committed to delivering efficient, reliable products that are easy to operate and maintain. Grinding machines are a natural addition to Raute's  wide scope of services and products. All grinding machines offered are sold and guaranteed under Raute's brand name.

Raute's customers have now an opportunity to purchase high precision grinding machines with affordable price. Installation, training and service can be performed by Raute's technical experts worldwide. Quick installation and smooth start-up ensures continuous sharpening operations.