The aim of training is to further enhance the professionalism of the production line operators, maintenance personnel, foremen and supervisors to be able to take full advantage of the lines’ properties in terms of reliability, quality and volume.

Raute offers personnel training, from pre-training and start-up supervision to process-specific training packages, covering the whole process of wood-based panel production. Additional services, such as technical assistance and training, are available during and after the investment phase.

Raute service technicians are qualified to train your mill personnel in the most efficient operation of your Raute equipment. Training sessions are held either at our customers’ mills, at our own premises or at a convenient location, depending on the nature of the training and the customer specific needs.

It is recommended that the skills and knowledge levels of the operators be updated from time to time in order to ensure the efficient operation of equipment at every stage of production.

Raute’s training offering is divided into three levels:

Project training: Training is based on project documents and takes place prior to the start-up phase of each investment project.

Modular training packages: The modular packages consist of prepared training content and training materials. The modular training packages are a continuation and addition to the project training.

Tailored training: Raute’s tailored training services provide customer specific training according to each customer’s needs